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About Us


About Us

The hidden garden of Maşukiye, where all seasons come to life, Melekona House Maşukiye, has opened its doors to its esteemed guests as of June 2023.

In our facility, situated on a 4000m2 land, our rooms are designed to make you feel at home, combining the comfort of bungalow style with modern hotel amenities You can enjoy the fireplace in the winter garden and indulge in the pleasure of the jacuzzi in the outdoor garden area.

You can breathe in the most tranquil view of the village at the observation terrace, where you can enjoy the natural scenery and modern architecture while tasting delicious food and drinks at the restaurant, providing quality service.

Melekona, nature’s amalgamation of all elements, with its hidden garden designed with modern lines, offers a captivating and serene courtyard where you can find both mental and physical harmony, spending delightful moments with your loved ones. Melekona offers everything our guests of all ages need with a unique service approach… You can stay active with forest walks, sunrise morning yoga, and many more activities offered

At Melekona, which caters to family meals, company meetings, and similar events, you can inquire with the professional sales team for any type of group reservation information.

Hosting you and your loved ones in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Melekona brings us great joy.

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Our Happy Guests



Amidst Nature

You can take a breath and spend time in the greenery on the observation terrace, which has “the most tranquil view of the village”.


Experience quality service at our restaurant where you can savor delicious food and beverages


You can stay active with forest walks, sunrise morning yoga, and many more activities offered


At Melekona, you can get information from our professional sales team regarding any type of group reservation.

We will be glad to welcome you and your loved ones in Melekona's warm and friendly environment.